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Collins 2014 (4 of 68)Hi! I’m so glad to meet you, please come in and make yourself comfortable.  My name is Sara Collins.  I look forward to having a heart to heart with you over the next little while.  Let me put on a pot of coffee and we’ll sit for a bit.

Please excuse the six children as, one by one, they come to me with their problems and needs.  Faith and Elijah, the 5 and 7 year old, are still pretty dependent on me.  Luckily I have older children who are available to help.  My girls, Hadassah and Abigail are 10 and 11.  They are great at assisting me, however, they are at the beginnings of the emotional roller coaster of teendom which comes with its struggles.  Nicodemus, who is 15, and Zechariah, 13, are pretty independent and can help if I need them.  We are a homeschooling family, so as you come in, excuse the ever present books, projects, and bodies in various places throughout the house.  My home is organized and functional, but not so much that it crushes the free spirit inside of me. I love to create, so you might notice a sewing project off to the side that I get to whenever I get a chance, and if you have a meal with me it will most likely be a new recipe that I’ve put together because I love putting my own touches on dishes.  So come on in, I hope we can have a fun and inspiring chat.

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This blog is shaped by almost two decades of the Lord working in my life, clearing away the dross, making me a better person.  I’ve had a love of writing ever since I learned the skill in elementary school.  I studied Journalism in college (but graduated with a B.S. in Psychology because I let discouragement get the better of me), and thought about freelancing after my first baby was born.  The desire dwelt deep inside me, it gurgled and bubbled, urging to be let loose.  But nothing really came of it during those years because, honestly, I had nothing real to write about.  I thought I knew everything, but really knew nothing; I was too prideful to be of any use to God.  He gently brought me through struggle after struggle, breaking my pride and teaching me to be more like Him.

I married the love of my life when I was 20 years old, and, though it has been a blessing from the start, young marriage did not come without challenges.   I had to learn that money didn’t grow on trees, and that my parents couldn’t be there to pick me up every time I fell.  I had to learn to be responsible as God added children to my life.  I had to learn to be resourceful and creative as God gave us more children to raise on our meager income.  I had to learn to be organized as we began to squeeze homeschooling and large family life into our itty bitty home.  I had to learn to completely and totally lean on God in every way, shape, and form.

Now, at a season in my life that is full of busyness, from managing my house and feeding my large family to educating a kindergartener, a tenth grader, and everything in between, God is telling me its time.  Time to let the writer inside of me out to tell the things God has taught me — my journey of faith.  I now have something to say.

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