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I have been on a journey of faith into the unknown for longer than I ever expected.  Sometimes I’m okay with it as I trust in God and His sovereign timing.  Sometimes I get a little cranky about it and need a reminder that God is bigger than all of my inconveniences and that everything will work out.  On one day when I was particularly forgetful, I got myself into a situation that reminded me that, though the way be rocky,God is there in the midst.

I grow weary of taking the same route all the time; I like to see new scenery.  So, one morning, as I found myself on the same path I have driven countless times before, I decided to make a right turn.  Just a quick turn onto another road, still headed the same direction, but different nonetheless.  Little did I know, however, that this road would quickly become a rocky, dirt path that wound through the country.  There were fields on both sides of me with no signs of the city I had been in just moments before.

I was anxious. There was nowhere for me to turn around, and no side road for me to turn onto.  I looked frantically for a road sign; something to tell me I was still going in the right direction.  Finally, I saw a clearly marked placard telling me that I was on Old Wire Road.  I knew the road would eventually lead me to the right place, so I pressed on into the unknown.

Then I came to a “Y” in the road.  Straight ahead the path went on easy and flat … But to where?  Who knew.  Off to the left, it went up a very foreboding, steep hill.  I was tempted to take the easy road, but the signs told me that I needed to go to the left if I wanted to end up in the right place.

So I started up the hill.  It had large rocks and equally large pits.  There was loose dirt and my tires spun for traction.  My heart was racing, jaw set, body tense, as I swerved and maneuvered the minivan up a road meant for more powerful trucks.  I did not know if I would make it.

Then my eyes beheld a most beautiful sight.  The end was in sight; there was level ground and, better yet, pavement!  I had made it; I was back in civilization with signs of the city I had just left all around me.  The road signs, which had been my only guide when all known landmarks passed away, had not failed me.  I breathed a sigh of relief and drove on to my destination.

As I drove, I was hit with the amazing similarities between what I had just experienced and the rocky path I am currently taking in my life.  In faith, Chris and I have veered off the beaten path.  We are traversing the unknown, following the signs God has shown us.  Our path is foreboding and full of uneasiness.  It is full of rocks and pits.  There are many times we question that we are on the right path at all, but, as we look for signs, God makes it clear we are going the correct way.  Where it leads, we do not know, nor do we know when it will end.  The one thing we do know is that it will lead us to the right place.


The Rocky Path: A journey of faith into the unknown

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